Municipal Bond Information Services promotes transparency by developing timely and reliable information services for use by Dealers, Asset Managers, and Vendor Partners.

Key Uses Include:

  • Pre-Trade/Trade Price Discovery
  • MBIS’s data feed products provide broad information access to market offerings and bids wanted to those who currently lack access
  • Provide data for use in testing for fair and reasonable markups
  • Assist firms performing post trade “Best Practice” tasks
  • Fair Value determination in books and record accounting and reporting systems
  • Align with industry efforts and mechanisms developed to promote further transparency in municipal markets

Market Data Feed

MBIS will provide current and historical information access to the market and public by aggregating its bid and offer data. The data is available intra-day, refreshed every 5 minutes, and an end of day bulk feed.

Data Types:

  • Bids on Bid Wanted Item(s): Access to all bids captured as part of the bid wanted process which are made available upon completion of allotted bidding time window.

  • Offerings: MBIS provides access to aggregated offerings from each of the contributing members. The offerings are provided throughout the day and include updates to the original offerings.

MBIS Comparable Securities Service

MBIS’ comparable securities service provides users the ability to relate securities to one another and provides a confidence indicator showing how tightly correlated the two securities are to one another.

Key Features:
• Comparable Securities for Price Discovery
• Provides comparable securities for less liquid instruments that are suitable to support price discovery
• Validated Model
• Validation of model based upon historical back-testing
• Confidence Measures
• Includes confidence measures to evaluate the relevancy of the comparable securities for the target instrument
• Flexible Delivery
• Supplied in both a bulk-data feed and through an API
• Fixed Costs
• Fixed cost supporting any number of positions

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