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MBIS Management

Triangle Park Capital Markets Data (TPCMD) manages the sales, marketing, and operations for Municipal Bond Information Services (MBIS) and is also a member of the MBIS consortium. TPCMD was formed in 2010. The company’s primary business objective is to provide market based pricing, credit, and reference information to support client’s surveillance, monitoring and OTC price verification activities. The firm’s principals are expert in this specialized market niche.

Ron Valinoti

Over 25 years of experience in the financial information services industry including senior positions at: Bloomberg, Merrill Lynch, Interactive Data, Standard and Poor’s, Thomson Financial and DTCC. Expertise in fixed income valuation and credit analysis/surveillance, reference database design and development, back office accounting operations, and mid office risk monitoring.

Art Gillin

Trading and operational management background, Art is based in New York City and has extensive high level contacts at the “C” level at many top financial institutions. Art held executive positions at S&P’s JJ Kenny Municipal Brokerage, Cantor Fitzgerald and Merrill Lynch during his career

Evan Bergstrom

With over 17 years of experience supporting the capital markets, Evan has developed software systems, quantitative methodologies and valuation models supporting both fixed income and OTC derivative products. Prior to joining Triangle Park, Evan was the lead product manager for the Bloomberg BVAL municipal bond valuations product.

Kevin Sluder

Kevin has over 25 years of capital markets and technology experience; including 10+ years of trading US Treasuries at the primary dealer operation of a commercial bank; additionally he has traded wholesale electricity with the energy services subsidiary a of large investor owned utility. Most recently, Kevin has worked as an independent consultant, implementing visual analytics solutions for various corporations.

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